Seven Reasons to Rejuvenate with Ayurveda

The name given to Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments is Rasayana, which translates from Sanskrit as “the path of essence”. A Rasayana can take on many forms. At Ayurvedic Wellness Centre, our Rasayana rejuvenation program is tailored to each individual client’s needs, and may include a combination of herbal prescriptions, individually customised diets, regular massages and other Ayurvedic treatments. The program typically lasts for either three, five or seven days. But what are the benefits of undertak ing a Rasayana rejuvenation treatment? Our treatments…

1. Promote longevity

Early Ayurvedic texts, including the Charaka Samhita, emphasise the ability of Rasayana therapies to help you “obtain longevity of life”. Our Rasayana treatments cleanse the skin, allowing it to retain that healthy glow. What’s more, Ayurvedic medicine suggests that Rasyanas can help to increase lifespan, whilst also allowing you to maintain that youthful vibrance. Your friends will think you’ve turned back the clock!

2. Improve brainpower

Ayurvedic consultants have noted the power of Rasayana therapies to improve brainpower. The traditional oils used by our massage therapists are designed to nourish the mind and improve memory. We are also able to customise your Rasayana program to specifically target improving brainpower by including authentically blended brain tonics and other herbal prescriptions.

3. Strengthen the body

Clients rave about the renewed sense of strength which Rasayana treatments have given them. The treatment combines massage treatments with a traditional Ayurvedic diet. This detoxifies impurities from the body while also nourishing it. The result? An empowering sense of limitlessness and rejuvenation.

4. Relieve stress

The massages included in our Rasayana program are the ultimate form of relaxation. Indulge yourself in our traditional treatments which have been perfected over thousands of years to rejuvenate the body and relieve mental stress. There’s been no better time to try a calming Rasayana treatment than in the context of our hectic, modern lifestyle

5. Improve bodily functions

The herbal prescriptions included in our Rasayana programs help to strengthen tissues and improve metabolic processes. Likewise, Rasayana therapy helps strengthen the senses. The program’s massage treatments rejuvenate your skin by using aromatic oils, while our soothing sound therapy treatments are sure to relax you. Rasayana treatments have also been known to boost eyesight, and the traditional meals included in the program are a healthy treat for your taste buds. Beyond this, Rasayana is a body tonic for the internal organs.

6. Balance the doshas

Ayurvedic medicine states that there are three internal energies found within everyone and everything, called doshas. Typically, an imbalance of these doshas leads to disease or an interruption of the individual’s well­being. Our Rasayana treatments include customised meals and herbal prescriptions which will help to balance your individual dosha complex, thus giving you the best chance to stay healthy. Read more about DOSHA

7. Boost the immune system

With the doshas balanced, the treatment also boosts the immune system, creating resistance to diseases and ailments. This is important, as Ayurveda believes that prevention is an essential part of our outlook on disease. Now that your body feels rejuvenated and fresh, you should be in good form to tackle illness.

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