Remedial Massage at Bondi Junction,Sydney

What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage Bondi Junction

Remedial Massage is known for its ability to treat injuries of all kinds,sprains,joint pain and aids in the purpose of lymphatic drainage. Also known as deep tissue massage, popular for its mastery in rehabilitating the system holistically through relaxing sequences that target the origins of suffering, restoring the body to a new sense of wholeness, healing impairments and increasing mobility. Highly recommended as a sports massage or for persistent ailments which have previously not responded or improved from other treatments.

Below is a list of the following conditions that can be rectified through this kind of treatment:

  • Ligament, tendon and muscle damage
  • sciatica and nervous issues
  • arthritis
  • back pain and problems
  • blood circulation
  • carpal tunnel
  • anxiety disorders
  • immune disorders
  • hormonal imbalances


In an experiment done in 2010 and recorded in the Science Daily, it was found out that adults who underwent remedial massage had an increase on the responses of their endocrines and white blood cells, which are the main components of the body’s immunity to certain diseases.

Ayurvedic Perspectives
Ayurveda approaches “Remedial or Mardana” massage by identifying the source of the trauma, working with the deep tissues of the body to unlock the root of the imbalance that is creating disharmony in your life. Extending far beneath the superficial fascia in an attempt to reconfigure your system, enhancing longevity and vitality within all areas of your life. We use special herbal pain oil.

Ayurvedic Treatment

The Ayurvedic method of healing touch is infused throughout a remedial massage and is a potent tool in reconditioning the bodies fibres on a cellular level. The art of conscious touch facilitates healing from the foundations, reconnecting the many layers of the body: physical, mental and emotional and re-balancing the bodies constitutional energy types known as Doshas. After a consultation with one of our experts, we can then tailor therapeutic treatments uniquely to your specific requirements. Working primarily with the bodies connective tissue to assist your body in ascending to a state of wellness. Inducing the process of detoxification or removing “ama” (toxins) from the body, alleviating the injury at the core and supporting the regeneration of the area affected.

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