Deep Relaxation Package – Our No.1 Best Seller



The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre Deep Relaxation package combines two of the most popular treatments available at the centre;

  • Abhyanga – a form of Ayurvedic massage involving specially formulated warmed herbal oils. Nourishing and revitalising, Abhyanga helps pacify the three doshas or ‘bioenergies’ within the body. This in turn encourages the release of toxins from deep within the tissue and the GI tract so that it can be efficiently eliminated.
  • Shirodhara – Involves 2 litres of specifically formulated herbal oil being poured over the forehead and ‘third eye’ in a constant, gentle stream.
  • Foot massage.
  • Head massage with Brahmi oil.

Cost: $345

Treatment time = 90 min + 30 min sound therapy

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