Build Vitality & Strength for Autumn

Be soothed, restored, and rejuvenated.  Rediscover just how good you can feel. In the Ayurvedic tradition, it is recognised that seasonal change can bring imbalances like stress, the accumulation of toxins, unexplained symptoms, aches, pains. These and the ageing process can all take their toll on your body and mind, leaving both dull and lacking vitality.

Changing the seasons Harmoniously:

You can maintain your dosha balance during the change of season to Autumn with a number of traditional Ayurvedic treatments which may include:

  • Abhyanga or herbal oil massage treatment, which involves herbal oils being massaged into the body to penetrate deeply through the skin into the tissue and muscles – 1 hour + 30 mins sound therapy – $175.    
  • Benefits include relaxing body and mind, stimulating circulation and   soothing the nervous system.
  • Deep Relaxation Package [Shirodhara with Abhyanga] the rebalancing treatment, which involves a continuous flow of herbal oil being poured gently across the forehead, after a relaxing whole body herbal oil massage. Our most popular treatment – Two Treatments – 1.5 hours + 30  mins sound therapy – $345.
  • Benefits include feeling mentally relaxed and invigorated with reduced stress and anxiety.
  • Udvartana, a healing warm oil massage to encourage the elimination of toxins deep within the body and tissues followed by an exfoliation treatment with an Ayurvedic herbal scrub to enliven and revitalise the whole body – 1 hour + 30 mins sound therapy – $295.       
  • Benefits include feeling Energised and Glowing Skin. Increases Metabolic Rate and assists in Weight Reduction.

All our treatments include an additional 30 minutes of Sound Therapy, where Gandharva Music (a style of Indian music inspired by nature is played to provide a transformative sensory experience.)

If you would like a personalised plan and more information on how to navigate the change of season, make an appointment with our Ayurvedic Doctor for a Consultation on 9389 2581.