Kati Basti

The term Kati Basti may be unfamiliar to the West, and it’s Western translation may be regarded as a topic not to be talked about regularly. To most Westerners, the word ‘enema’ does not have many positive connotations and is generally treated as a taboo subject. However, in Ayurveda, an enema often refers to the external variety.

A dough of gram flour is placed on the afflicted area in a doughnut shape, sealing against the skin to create a water-tight reservoir. Warm medicated oil is then poured into this personal cistern and left to foment, seeping into the client’s sacrolumbar region.

The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre offers authentic Kati Basti Treatments at our Centre in Bondi Junction

The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre offers authentic Kati Basti Treatments at our Centre in Bondi Junction.

Whilst the treatment is usually administered on the small of the client’s back, Kati Basti is also very effective in other locations that may be affected by joint pain, such as the knees and shoulders.

The oil that is used is specifically prescribed by one of our qualified Doctors in order to confirm its compatibility with the clients dosha and to ensure maximum effectiveness of the treatment.

This treatment is targeted at eliminating pain in the joints and lower back pain as well as other ailments of the abdomen such as; Irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual pain and urinary tract disorders.

Treatment time: 45 minutes + 15 minutes sound therapy

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