Four Ways to Have Your Healthiest Winter Ever with Ayurvedic Medicine

Ailments and Ayurveda

An Ayurvedic doctor has a holistic approach to all ailments of the body, mind and spirit. They look at the body as a whole and define your body type (dosha) as well as your present health status and history.

The approach is to source the root cause of the problem and treat it naturally with authentic Ayurvedic herbs, diet, treatments, therapies and minor lifestyle adjustments to balance the body.

The body has the power to heal itself and various methods are used internally and others, externally.

During the detailed consultation, the doctor will utilise pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis as well as many other methods to build up a complete picture of who you are and your present health status. Following this, they will prescribe a personalised treatment plan to work with your dosha to overcome your ailment, with continued progress monitoring.