Rasayana Therapy

Is your body needing nourishment after suffering the toll of stress, anxiety or exhaustion? Perhaps your immune system needs a significant boost? Or maybe you’re seeking the benefits of anti-ageing practices for youthful longevity. Ayurveda holds the answer for all of these needs in the ancient clinical therapy called Rasayana Therapy, which offers natural methods for rejuvenation.

In Sanskrit, Rasayana translates as “the path of the juice” because it brings vitality into the body, keeping the mind and body in the best of health. It was developed more than 5000 years ago for royalty and holy sages, who used this therapy to lead long, disease-free and vigorous lives in which they could focus on and achieve the real purpose of life – self-realisation. Today Rasayana Therapy is used to bring about excellent health and well-being in busy modern lives.

Benefits of Rasayana Therapy:

  • improves memory and intelligence
  • creates resistance to disease by boosting the immune system
  • maintains youthfulness in body and complexion
  • rejuvenates and strengthens the fives sense organs and the whole body
  • promotes longevity

How does it work?

Rasayana Therapy works by detoxifying all impurities from the body, then putting nourishing plants and foods back into the body. The result is increased life-force energy (ojas) and regeneration of the body’s cells and tissues.

A typical program of Rasayana Therapy includes massage therapies, herbal medicines, diet according to your dosha (body type) and Ayurvedic daily routines. Yoga and meditation are also recommended as part of the program.

As with any other medical procedure, your therapy will begin with a consultation with one of our experienced Ayurvedic doctors, who will prescribe treatments for your individual needs. The treatments can be taken over 3, 5 or 7 days, to suit your schedule.


For enquiries or to book your initial consultation, call (02) 9389 2581 or email info@ayurvedicwellnesscentre.com.au