Couples Massage Bondi Junction

Couples Massage Bondi Junction

A couples massage is the perfect way for couples to relax with each other in a soothing peaceful environment. Regardless of whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, or simply looking for a new way to spend some quality time together, a couples massage is sure to meet your needs.

Our range of couples massage products offers you and your partner the opportunity to be pampered and indulged for either sixty, ninety or one hundred and twenty blissful minutes while benefiting from the therapeutic qualities of our Ayurvedic massage.

The couples massage can either be

  • performed simultaneously in adjoining rooms so that you and your partner can have a mirrored experience that will help to strengthen the bond between you.
  • Or conducted in our couples room allowing ou both to share the experience in full with each other. If you wish to use the couples room, it will be necessary to book beforehand.

An Ayurvedic couples massage will deliver the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to share a new experience that will help you and your partner to learn new things about each other and share the intimacy of an enjoyable and relaxing experience
  • The usual benefits of an Ayurvedic massage including the relief of aches and pains, softer, smoother skin, a reduction in cellulite, relief of muscle tension, feelings of calmness, energization of the body and the production of antibodies within your system.
  • Increased feelings of affection. The massage process releases hormones conducive to feelings of warmth and affection
  • Stress relief – the massage will help to relieve the feelings of tension and stress in the body and help encourage the exchange of ideas throughout the massage experience.
  • The opportunity to spend time together
  • Allows the opportunity for the couple to be fully in tune with each other

When the massage itself has been completed, you and your partner will be able to reconnect in our relaxation area, where you can share some specially brewed herbal tea and our experience together.

A couples massage does not necessarily have to be for you and your partner. You may wish to share the experience with a relative or close friend – the Ayurvedic wellness center can easily cater for your needs and can arrange for you to share adjoining rooms if this is your preference.

The couples massage presents a unique opportunity for couples to relax, unwind and share a truly therapeutic and enjoyable couple of hours. It is an experience not to be missed.



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