Pitta Dosha

Fire is significant of the Pitta dosha. Find out more about Ayurveda at the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Sydney

Fire is significant of the Pitta dosha. Find out more about Ayurveda at the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Sydney

A Pitta dosha type is usually of average weight and size. Occasionally, they may have bright red hair, however thinning or loss of hair and even baldness are also common characteristics found in a Pitta. They have excellent digestion, which may sometimes lead a Pitta to believe that they can eat almost anything. They usually have a warm body temperature and they sleep soundly for short periods of time and experience a strong sex drive. When balanced, Pitta dosha types have a lustrous skin complexion, perfect digestion, high levels of energy, and a fierce appetite. When out of balance, Pitta types may suffer from rashes of the skin, burning or tingling sensations, peptic ulcers, excessive rises in body heat, heartburn, and indigestion.

Pitta dosha types typically have a powerful intellect and an impressive ability to concentrate. When they are in balance, Pitta dosha types are generally good decision makers, impart knowledge effectively and are confident speakers. They are precise, direct, have sharp wits and are often outspoken. Out-of-balance Pittas can be argumentative and short-tempered.

When Pittas are overstressed their typical response is, “What did you do wrong?”

When in balance

Warm, loving, contented, enjoys challenges, strong digestion, lustrous complexion, good concentration, articulate and precise speech, courageous, bold, sharp wit, intellectual

When out of balance

Demanding, perfectionist, tendency towards frustration, anger, tendency towards skin rashes, irritable and imclient, prematurely grey hair or early hair loss

What aggravates Pitta dosha

Excessive heat or exposure to the sun, alcohol, smoking, time pressure, deadlines, excessive activity, too much spicy, sour or salty food, skipping meals


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