Kitchadi: Most Nourishing Meal for Rejuvenation

We are happy to share our Kitachadi Ayurvedic recipe!

Follow these 5 Steps to make a perfect KITCHADI.

3/4 cup Rice 1/4 cup Dal. Yellow moong or green split.


Buy spices only from Indian shop for best products.

Buy spices only from Indian shop for best products.

1/4 teaspoon Tummeric

2 heaped teaspoons fennel seeds

1 heaped Black mustard (or two teaspoons) seeds

1/8 teaspoon Hing Asafoetida

1 Heaped Cummin

1 tsp salt or to taste

1. Wash rice dal first three times rinse each time with fresh water. Then Soak rice for at least 30 minutes (60 minutes better)

2. Take a thick bottom utensil add rice dal that is washed and add 6 cups boiling water, let it boil on high for 10-15 mins , gently remove white froth as it comes up. This is important, removes all gas!

3. After 15 mins you will notice no more froth, it’s done! On low cook further for 45-50 mins till soft and cooked, add more boiling water if it dries up quickly. Will not spoil the Kitchadi as meant to be soft.

4. In a separate pan (eg for omelette) melt 1 tablespoon of ghee till it is fairly hot but not burning. Test by putting one bit of fennel in it, if this sizzles ghee is ready add all spices and shake pan around gently to mix spices in the pan, till it splutters and a pleasant aroma of spices is released. Add immediately to Kitchadi stir well thru the Kitchadi put it on the stove for 2 mins so all mixes well. Cover. Done! Kitchadi boils and splutters so take care. Stir and cover pot quickly.

5. Just enjoy with Natural Yoghurt in summer. Or Popadums cook in microwave one at a time 1 min 10 secs.

NOTE: Ayurveda does not recommend Yoghurt at night.

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