Agni, Ama and Panchakarma

With the accumulation of Ama in the body, the flow of energy is blocked, as are the information and nourishment channels throughout the body. This, according to Ayurveda, is the basic and underlying cause of all disease. A simple example of this is when our body has an accumulation of cholesterol and saturated fat which is beyond its ability to metabolise. This leads to blockages in the arteries and blood vessels, and over time will ultimately lead to a heart attack.

Agni and Ami

Agni and Ama are easily understood when it comes to food, however we must not forget that our heart and mind are constantly digesting information and energy as well. At this very moment your mental digestive system is working on breaking down these ideas into portions that can be assimilated by your intellect. In addition, your feelings and experiences are being processed by your emotional Agni; the thrill of a new relationship, unexpected and hurtful criticism, or the smile from someone you love.

The Body’s Natural Balance

If your have a robust emotional Agni, then you’re able to effectively extract nourishment, and eliminate the waste. However, if you’re unable to metabolise your emotions, toxic residue is produced – similar to undigested food. It’s a fact that long-held sorrow or grief, pent-up anger, prolonged guilt, and other destructive emotions, are a lot more debilitating than issues with physical digestion. Maintaining a robust digestive fire and effectively eliminating toxins from the body are crucial to optimal health. PanchaKarma is a natural and time-proven therapy which detoxifies the body and restores our vitality and balance.

Should I Undergo PanchaKarma Treatment?

Poor health is caused by poor lifestyle choices, stress and environmental pollutants. These create toxins within the bloodstream and tissues of the body which, when untreated, result in imbalance and ill health. The effects of PanchaKarma treatment will reverse this degenerative process quite quickly, with the results being long lasting and profound. PanchaKarma involves the combined use of herbal saunas, massage, nutritional directives and special foods, colon therapies and fasting to eventually rid the body of unwanted and accumulated toxins.

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation for PanchaKarma treatments will begin with an Ayurvedic consultant conducting a thorough examination. This enables your Doctor to prescribe a program which is tailor-made for your own specific health issue. As you progress through your treatment program, you will be given specific instructions regarding diet and essential oils and herbs to be used at home. When used correctly, your digestive organs and liver will be stimulated, resulting in the elimination of toxins.

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