12 Ayurvedic Ingredients to Energize and Heal your Body and Mind

In Ayurveda food is essential to prevent illnesses, detoxify and balance your body and mind. This is why Ayurvedic Doctors recommend individuals to use every opportunity to eat as an opportunity to heal.

1. Bananas Energize your Body

Fresh fruits like bananas are considered to be Mother Nature’s pure nectar due to the fact that it keeps your body energised, cool, and refreshed while building tissues as well as nerve system. Bananas considered to be high in iron, fiber and they stimulate the reproduction of haemoglobin in the blood. Therefore they are considered to be useful in the cases of anemia. Moreover, its Vitamin B6 regulates blood glucose levels which can affect your mood. Ayurveda recommends to not to bananas when you have fever, edema, vomiting or cough with mucus and runny nose. Bananas are recommended for Pitta and Kapha people; however, it could increase Vata.

2. Celery: Cooling, Calming, Nerve Tissue Builder

Cannot think of a better Ayurvedic Ingredient for your brain and nerve health? That’s where celery should be on top of your mind. In Ayurveda there are several ingredients which support detoxification, digestion and weight loss. Celery is one of them. Ayurveda considers celery as one of the diaphoretic ingredients which clearly supports detoxification while improving your digestion. Moreover it’s great for hypertension and hay fever.

3. Cucumber: It’s diuretic nature is great to reduce water retention and detoxify the blood.

If you’re feeling hot and bothered then cucumber is for you. This Ayurvedic Ingredient is cooling and calming nature benefits kidney functions, bladder and urinary while detoxifying the blood. Moreover, cucumber plays a major role in rejuvenating your skin and eyes due to its high water content, vitamin A, B and C while relieving arthritis pain and blood pressure. Cucumber could use as a quick fix stress by placing cucumber slices in a pot of hot water and inhaling that breath.

4. Ginger for coughs

In Ayurveda ginger is perfect ingredient for coughs. Besides, ginger breaks up congestion, improves blood circulation, and burns up toxins.

5. Corn is good for Kapha individuals

Ayurveda recommends corn specifically for Kapha individuals since it’s a diuretic ingredient. When it comes to consuming them, Ayurveda points out that popcorn is best for Kapha people since dryness of the popcorn tends to absorb extra fluids in the stomach. Moreover, corn is beneficial for those with high blood pressure when water congestion reach to its peak in spring season.

6. Honey has pain-relieving powers

Honey considers as one of the natures wonders and Ayurveda recommends honey for Kapha people. Moreover, honey cleanses and heals the wounds.

7. Sweeten your life with dates

Ayurveda considers this traditional fruit as a good tonic for heart and muscles due to its content of potassium. Their natural sugar is easy to digest and absorb. Dates are known to be an excellent remedy for alcohol intoxication. This Pitta pacifying fruit helps in maintaining good vision while being a remedy for obesity due to their complex carbohydrates.

8. Carrots: Ideal for Babies

Carrots are one of the special vegetables with a good bit of calcium, iron, and phosphorus while being famous for its vitamin A content. Often carrots are used as babies’ first food due to its ease of digestion and variety of nutrients. In Ayurveda carrots are considered as a blood purifier and a revitaliser.

9. Onions enhances mental clarity

In Ayurveda onions are considered as a good medicinal herd which clearly supports tissue building and cardiac tonic. Apart from that, Ayurveda recommends fresh onions for bleeding gums, inflames sore throats and mental clarity.

10. Brown rice contains more fiber than white rice and it’s used for constipation

In Ayurveda most of the doctors recommend brown rice over white due to its high level of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, white rice is considered to be the easiest rice to digest. Therefore Ayurveda specify basmati rice as the king of all rice’s since it balances all three dosha’s while benefiting body tissues.

11. Black pepper improves circulation via vasodilation

Black pepper is considered as “king of spices” due to its cleansing and antioxidant properties. One of the main benefits of black pepper is that it helps transport benefits of other medicines to relevant parts while supporting free flow of oxygen to the brain. In Ayurveda this ingredient is widely used for lung and heart diseases due to its unique benefits in pacifying Vata and Kapha.

12. Mango: The Ayurveda King of fruits

According to Ayurvedic texts this king of fruits has been around at least 6000 years while providing most of the essential substances needed by our body. This cancer and heart prevention fruit is rich in Vitamin A, E, B, K and fiber. Therefore, mangos also strengthen the immune system of a body. The green mangos are valuable in blood disorders due to its great vitamin c content.

However, in moderation yellow ripe mangos balances the tridoshas. Ayurveda recommends to not to drink water right after eating green mango due to the fact that it causes bronchitis, cold, cough and respiratory congestion.