What is Ayurvedic Health? 

The Ayurvedic path is a ‘Science of Life’. It’s teachings, practices and philosophies are derived of a 5000+ year old system of medicine which pre-dates many other systems of health in the world.

Ayurveda is a mind-body medicine. A persons constitution or ‘Prakriti’ is described in terms of ‘Doshas’, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These are the physiological forces of the body and are given a lot of importance in this Vedic system.

The journey of Ayurveda aims to integrate all aspects of self into balance, thus the body is approached holistically in order to unveil the root of the imbalance in your body. An Ayurvedic Doctor will do a thorough examination ‘Pareeksha’ of certain characteristics where to further investigate to restore harmony.

Ayurveda is a way of life, it encourages people to take responsibility for their health by adopting food as medicine and utilise natural therapies, herbal remedies, treatments, healthy lifestyle practices and following daily and seasonal routines.

According to Ayurvedic Philosophy, the environment in which we live is made of elements – earth, fire, air, water & ether. When the elements in our bodies are in alignment with our external environment we experience optimum health.

Our systems go through imbalance with the change of season . The variable nature of the ‘Dosha’ energies means that just like the seasons we must be adaptable to change. Therefore knowing our own constitution will guide you to become more empowered in your own life. Ayurveda guides us to attain balance through the laws of nature

The three ‘Doshas’ 
A persons constitution is defined in terms of the inherent balance of these three doshas. It is the interplay between the three doshas that is responsible for both body type and personality. When the Doshas are imbalanced this is your day to day ‘Vikriti’

Everyone has all 3 Doshas within them, we cannot exist without a certain amount of each. Often one or 2 doshas are dominant.

Kapha provides each of us with tissues
Pitta provides metabolic action.
Vata allows us to move and express ourselves.

 ‘Vikriti – is the nature of imbalance, day to day, whereas prakriti is the state of the three doshas at the time of conception.

An important goal of Ayurveda is to understand a persons vikriti and then understand what aspects of a persons environment has contributed to the disturbance. Once we know this the goal is to correct the environment. It is essential to know the vikriti for the doctor to devise a treatment program.

These determine the health of our anatomy and physiological functions.

This approach encourages people to take ownership of their health, bodies, lives… and remains unrivalled in its success – a traditional framework which embodies awareness and the body’s ability to heal itself.

All treatments are customised after your consultation with one of our Ayurvedic Doctors here in Bondi Junction.

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