Two new treatments in the New Year

Some of you have already experienced these. The results are astounding.

The benefits of Takra Dhara are

  • Improves digestion.
  • Useful in infections of urinary tract.
  • Reduces premature graying of hair.
  • Helps in relieving tension, anger, anxiety, depression & fear.
  • Improves memory & self-esteem. Greatly aids migraine, chronic headaches and burning sensation of the head.
  • Reduces excessive thinking & improved sleep & concentration.
  • Useful in disorders of ear, nose and throat

The benefits of Pinda Sweda include

  • Removes any stiffness of the joints and
  • Body channels are cleansed.
  • Increases blood circulation and
  • Removes Ama [waste products].
  • The complexion becomes beautiful,
  • Digestive function is enhanced and
  • Vigour restored.

Very effective for chronic Vata disease, insomnia, MS, muscle, weakness or joint stiffness. It is also used for Rejuvenation and Anti-ageing for the healthy person, delaying the premature greying, hair fall and wrinkles.