The Conscious Club

Created by Tim Brown, Gary Gorrow and Lee Te Hira on the basis that they and so many of their friends were tired of going to the same old pub or club, yelling at each other for a number of hours before coming home with nothing to show for it except a hoarse voice and a hang over. The guys realised that everyone is going out to clubs and getting UNCONSCIOUS, so they thought they would create a club where you could have a fun night out and get highly CONSCIOUS! And so was born, THE CONSCIOUS CLUB!

The idea is to bring together like minded people to share uplifting music from all genres, movies and documentaries that provide insight into the human condition, knowledge presentations from our countries thought leaders, the sharing of a delicious vegetarian feast and the opportunity to have the rare experience of being in the presence of 300 meditating minds, which is a blissful and truly powerful thing- no experience required.

The Conscious Club was born of the ever increasing desire we all have to enjoy a social outing that is fun, informative and uplifting in every way. For more information check their Facebook and Twitter profile!

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