The 7 Chakras: How They Influence Our Endocrinal System

Modern quantum biology and ancient knowledge all agree on one essential principle: regardless of how life started in the universe, matter doesn’t generate consciousness or mind – it’s actually the other way around.

Matter, or the physical form, is manifested through consciousness. To each and every one of us, life is a very personal and unique experience. However, we all have the same basic building blocks – our core energy centres. In Sanskrit these are called Chakras.

What Does Chakra Mean?

‘Chakra’ means vortex, or wheel. It’s the meeting points between our body and our consciousness – between the mind and matter. There are seven main chakras.

Chakras express different characteristics, vital to our wellbeing and growth; they’re the master programs controlling our physical lives and our emotional lives. It’s not surprising that it’s through the endocrine system that the seven chakras interact with our body. The endocrine system is a seven gland system, and is one of our body’s main major control systems.

The following is a brief description of the different chakras, where they’re located, the glands they’re related to, and the specific characteristics they control.

No. 1:  Crown Chakra – colour violet; Sahasrara. Located at the top of the head; related to the pineal gland; special characteristics are divine awareness and spirituality.

No. 2:  Third Eye Chakra – colour indigo; Ajna. Located between the eyebrows; related to the pituitary gland; special characteristic is intuition.

No. 3: Throat Chakra – colour blue; Vishuddhi. Located in the throat area; related to the thyroid gland; special characteristics are self-expression and communication.

No. 4: Heart Chakra – colour green; Anahata. Located in the heart area; related to the thymus; special characteristics are healing, love and compassion.

No. 5: Solar Plexus Chakra – colour yellow; Manipura. Located in the naval area; special characteristics are self-esteem, personal power, courage and self-will.

No. 6:  Sacral Chakra – colour orange; Swadhisthana. Located in the genital area (ovaries).  Special characteristics are emotion, creativity and sensuality.

No. 7:  Root Chakra – colour red; Muladhara. Located at the base of the spine (gonads).  Special characteristics are a sense of belonging, and survival and safety.

Our endocrine system is affected when the flow of subtle energy becomes blocked in one or more of the chakras, and because of this we are liable to develop mental and physical illnesses. Our endocrine system produces the hormones that inhibit or stimulate physiological processes. So, understanding this makes us realise that our physical body is affected when we have a change in our consciousness.

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