Unwind and Revitalize with Our
Exclusive 1-Day Detox Experience!

As the year draws to a close, gift yourself a precious few hours of self-care, allowing you to indulge in profound rest and rejuvenation. It’s an opportunity to dissolve the accumulated fatigue and stress that may have lingered throughout the year. We are excited to introduce our “Wellness Oasis – 1 Day Taste of Detox” offer at The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre. It’s your chance to recharge and prepare for the holidays, ensuring you enjoy this festive time to the fullest. We highly recommend pre-booking this special offer as it’s available only until 20th December 2023.
We’re absolutely delighted to share that our initiative to offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor when you book any treatment has been a resounding success.

What's in Store for You?

We've created a day of pure relaxation and rejuvenation that's easy to savor:

· Head Massage – An instant stress-buster, warm herbal oils are used for the head and shoulders to instantly relax your mind and calm the nervous system.

· Abhyanga Full Body Massage – Surrender to ultimate relaxation as you indulge in a soothing full-body ayurvedic massage involving specially formulated warm herbal oils. You’ll leave feeling completely refreshed and revitalized.

· Shirodhara – Experience a deep relaxation as 2 litres of specially formulated warm herbal oil pours over your forehead and ‘third-eye’ in a constant, gentle stream. This treatment has profoundly de-stressing effects and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

· Kizhi Herbal Pouch Massage – Bid farewell to muscle tension with a herbal pouch massage using 18 specialised, heated herbs infused with oils to invigorate your senses. This treatment is Ayurveda’s ultimate pain relief therapy and is highly recommended for chronic pain, stiffness or bodily tension.

· Steam – Detoxify and refresh your body with a revitalizing steam session, leaving you feeling lighter and more rejuvenated.

· Nasya Treatment for Mental Clarity – Elevate your mental clarity and overall well-being with our nasya treatment, where ‘anu tailam’ , a herbal blend containing over twenty different herbs, is applied to the nasal cavity. This treatment is designed to clear your mind and soothe your senses.

· 15 min Consult with our Ayurvedic Doctor – Consultation with our experienced Ayurvedic doctor, where you’ll have the chance to explore your unique mind-body constitution and gain valuable insights into your health.

Nourishment for the Soul: Kitchari or Soup:

As a part of this incredible detox journey, we offer either a nourishing kitchari or a comforting soup. You'll delight in a wholesome, delectable taste that complements your detox experience perfectly.

Exclusive Detox Herbal Tea Gift:

Take the wellness home with you! We’re including a complimentary packet of our detox herbal tea, a refreshing and soothing blend.

Why Choose Our Taste of Detox?

Our one-day detox package is designed to help you reset your mind and body. Our serene environment and skilled therapists ensure that you'll experience a haven of wellness. Discover the wonders of our one-day detox package, a sneak peek into its revitalizing potential. Extend your experience by adding more days to unlock a more profound mind and body cleanse.

Time is Ticking:

The Taste of Detox offer is only available until 20th December 2023 for $595. The entire process will take 3 hours – 2hr 30mins for treatments + 30 min complementary in our meditation room to let the treatments integrate and enjoy the food and herbal tea. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revitalize and recharge in time for the holidays.

Give yourself the gift of wellness. To book your Taste of Detox experience or to learn more about this exclusive offer, get in touch with us at 02 9389 2581.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our centre and guide you on a journey to a healthier, more relaxed, and revitalized you.

Here’s to your health & wellness, leading you to a harmonious, balanced and enriched tomorrow.


To your Health and Wellbeing,

Rita & The Team at the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre