Shiro-abhyanga (Indian Head Massage) and Ayurveda

Shiro-abhyanga, or head massage, encourages the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, so strengthening the nervous system. Head massage also balances the pineal and pituitary glands.  As a result, our lungs, eyes, heart, colon, brain and stomach become toned.  Head massage is also great for improving stability and alertness.

Because most of our sense organs are located there, the head is the most important organ of our body.  Our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and part of our skin are all located in the head.  Head massage provides vital nourishment to all of our senses, promoting natural and normal functioning.


  • The soft spot on the head is known as the Brahma Randhra
  • The crest of the head is known as the Shikha
  • The Medulla Oblongata is known as the Krukatika.  The Medulla Oblongata is the base stem of the brain, and is vital to the way our brain communicates with the nervous system.

Objectives of Head Massage:

  • Head Massage can prevent premature greying of hair.
  • It can cure and prevent eye refraction errors.
  • It provides a beautiful, sound night’s sleep.
  • It treats and prevents hair loss and balding.
  • It treats and prevents headaches.
  • It strengthens the hair-roots, and ensures hair remains healthy, soft and shiny.
  • Head massage promotes a smooth and healthy face complexion.