Chakra Balancing Package




Embark on a celestial voyage of self-discovery with our chakra balancing package, where your essence will be harmoniously attuned to the symphony of your soul.

  • Abhyanga – 60min – A deeply relaxing and meditative massage using herbal oils, offering long- lasting benefits.
  • Basti (Neck Basti or Back Basti) – 30mins – Gram flour dough forms a water-tight ring on the affected area, holding warm medicated oil to seep into the sacrolumbar region (kati basti) or neck region for therapeutic relief. Basti helps relieve localized pain and stiffness and balances the chakras.
  • Complimentary Gandharva Sound Therapy – 30 mins – Enjoy a peaceful meditation experience while listening to ancient Indian healing music and sipping detoxifying herbal tea, culminating in a transformative sensory journey.

Duration: 120 minutes Price: $350