Osteoporosis and Ayurveda

Osteoporosis (Asthi kshaya) is a very common condition in the elderly population (affecting men as well as women- women are four times more likely to develop osteoporosis than males) in which the bones become porous, brittle and weak.  The chances of fracture, pain, swelling of joints, breaking of teeth and nails, dryness etc. are very common in this condition.

Osteo means bones and acc. to Ayurveda Bone is the fifth dathu in the body. To nourish the Asthi dathu it is important to nourish previous four dathus i.e. Rasa- Plasma,  Rakta-  Blood,  Mamsa- Muscles/flesh,  Medha- Adipose,  Asthi – Bone.  Bones are formed from the nutrient supply by medha dathu through Asthivaha Channels (shrotas). Vayu, Agni & Prithavi mahabhutas bring compactness and hardness among the nutrients, which form Asthi /Bones. Asthi give strength and structure to body like tree stem as all muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. are attached to Asthis.

Bones are dynamic living tissue; which constantly decaying and rebuilding. The process of rebuilding is slow rather than the decaying.  If the jatharagni (digestive fire) and bhutagni (particularly parthivagni ) are affected than there will be lack of poshana of Asthi means less nutrition supply to bones which leads to Asthi kashya or Osteoporosis. Vata dosha is commonly located in Bones and the bone density of vata body type people commonly get affected in vata phage of life i.e. after 45-50 years. females are mostly affected after menopause due to sharp decline of oestrogen level.

The first stage of osteoporosis is Osteopenia if not treated on time leads to Osteoporosis.

Signs and symptoms of Asthi kashaya:

  • Pathological Bone fractures
  • Pain and swelling in bones and joints
  • Dryness
  • Weakness
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Rickets etc.

Ayurvedic treatments for osteoporosis:

  • Treatments varies in four stages
  • To treat the cause
  • To stimulate the bhutagni and jatraagni
  • Vata pacifying treatment
  • Bone nourishing therapy and Rejuvenation
  • Tips to take care of bones
  • Eat fresh, healthy & nutritious food
  • Milk should be the integral part of diet as is the direct source of the calcium
  • Self oil massage
  • Light physical exercise everyday
  • Take early morning sun bath
  • Avoid use of dry, spicy, incompatible diet
  • Timely consultation with Ayurvedic doctors/consultants


Ayurvedic medicines good in osteoporosis:

Milk, ghee, turmeric milk, Ashwagandha, yogaraj Guggulu, shankha bhasmas, praval panchamritas , guggulus, triphala, kapikachu etc.

Treatments like abhyanga, vasti karma are highly recommended

Yoga and Pranayama are very effective

Please consult to Ayurvedic doctor/consultant before starting with herbs and to get a specific line of treatment and diet schedule. We do Skype consults. For more information or individual Health plan send us an email on