It is estimated that in Australia today, over 1 million adults suffer from depression and/or anxiety based conditions like OCD. That staggering figure has been attributed to a variety of factors many of which are linked to our modern day, highly stressful lifestyles.

Those who suffer OCD can attest to the impact it can have upon everyday life and overall health and wellness. Whether mild or severe, mental health conditions can be very upsetting for the sufferer and notoriously difficult to treat.

In Ayurvedic tradition, conditions like OCD are linked to an imbalance within the bodies’ delicate biochemistry. According to Ayurveda, mental health concerns develop when one of the primary doshas is out of balance (you can read more about the three doshas or  ‘bioenergies’ here [INSERT LINK TO DOSHA QUIZ]

  • Vata imbalance can contribute to anxiety, fear and insomnia
  • Pitta imbalance can cause anger, compulsions and irritability
  • Kapha imbalance can lead to lethargy and depression

A variety of different factors can cause this imbalance. These include:

  • Diet and digestion
  • The accumulation of toxins
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise

Ayurvedic treatment for depression and/or anxiety seeks to re-balance your bio-chemistry through the removal of toxins and restoration of healthy physiological functioning. This multifaceted approach often involves the following, in consultation with our Ayurvedic doctors or consultants.

  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Counselling
  • Prescription of kitchen and medicinal herbal medicines
  • Instruction in gentle yoga postures and breathing exercises
  • Prescription of Ayurvedic rejuvenative massage and detoxing treatments

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