Massage for Weight Loss

Best and Healthy Weight Loss Program to Lose Weight

The Ayurvedic Udvartana massage practice is a proven way to help you lose weight. The massage technique will directly assist in reducing cellulite deposits in your body. Shedding those few extra pounds always seems to involve denial and increased levels of exercise. This method actually allows you to pamper yourself with a proven massage for weight loss therapy.

What is this remarkable therapy and how can it help you if you are looking to lose weight?

The Udvartana treatment involves applying a specially designed paste made from ten selected herbal powders is applied to your skin in a massage process that will act as an exfoliant as well as helping to reduce troublesome cellulite and fat deposits.

So what actually is involved?

Udvartana massage is in effect a lymphatic drainage massage designed which will improve circulation, aid muscle nutrition, help to reduce joint stiffness, improve your body’s flexibility and heighten your overall body awareness.

The process commences with a relaxing head, shoulder and neck massage while you enjoy a soothing foot soaking. Then the therapy will proceed to a full-body light oil massage that will help your muscles to relax. The light oil massage uses powerful lymph draining herbal oils. Particular attention is paid to those energy points on the body that  will aid in absorbing the oils

After the preliminaries, a paste made up of selected herbal powders chosen by your therapist to match your dosha or body type is applied to the body. The paste will be worked into your skin and rubbed in the opposite direction to your hair growth. This is deliberately done to stimulate the metabolism and increase circulation which in turn will help to break down cellulite and help with muscle tone. The massage techniques used are designed to cause friction and include long longitudinal strokes, vigorous circular rubbing motions and kneading.

Once the massage is over, the body is rubbed down with clean towels and you are then given the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries in a meditation space.

Udvartana has been practiced for centuries by Ayurvedic physicians and is considered an essential element in the Ayurvedic treatment of obesity. It is by no means a one-touch magic treat but will aid in weight loss, particularly when used in conjunction with an Ayurvedic diet and a regular exercise program.

The benefits of Udvartana massage don’t end with weight loss. Other benefits include

  • Increased lymphatic drainage
  • Helps to reduce and release toxins from the body
  • Increased blood flow can help ease general body stiffness, indigestion, and sciatica
  • It can help with reducing cholesterol
  • Release tension

If you’re looking for ways to reduce weight, there may not be a more enjoyable method of doing so than incorporating an Udvartana massage into your weight loss strategy – why not give it a go?

Once the treatment is done shower will be prepared for you. After you rest in the meditation/ relaxation room and enjoy Herbal Teas to integrate your treatment.


You can book an appointment with our Ayurvedic Doctor to discuss and customize the weight loss program according to your health conditions.