A touch of ancient healing wisdom at Sydney

Ayurveda is something to experience and is not just a normal “massage”. The ancient Indian practice of rejuvenation comes from a place of reverence and the heart. For the first time, you can experience a complete range of authentic Ayurveda massage therapies, right here in Bondi Junction, Sydney. What’s more, you can choose to have a consultation with our qualified Doctors or our Ayurvedic Consultants.

Meet Our Doctor

Ayurvedic Doctor at Ayurvedic wellness centre , Bondi, Sydney

Dr. Deepika Kaushal B.A.M.S. M.D

Our Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Deepika is a motivated and young medicine professional with extensive experience in herbal medicine and acupuncture therapy. Dr. Deepika’s expertise is to diagnose chronic and complicated illnesses, and follow tailored and holistic treatment plans.

Dr Taruna Yadav B.A.M.S.

Our Ayurvedic Doctor, Taruna (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, Maharishi Dayanand University, India) is registered with AAA (Australasian Association of Ayurveda).

Manage Your Stress & Anxiety

Vanessa completed her 7-day Ayurvedic detox to help with her stress, and anxiety and to stop smoking. As a busy individual in a fast-paced job, Vanessa found herself to be stressed a lot of the time which exacerbated her anxiety. Along with this, she had been smoking for several years which she wanted to stop to look after herself. Watch this video to listen to her experience of the 7-day detox at the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre.

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The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre

The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre has become the preferred establishment in natural and holistic healing. With the warmth, compassion and expertise of our highly trained staff, we offer a truly authentic experience, restoring internal equilibrium, balance and well-being for the mind, body and soul. The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre seeks to educate the wider community about the principles of Ayurveda, as well as progressing with our long term goal of opening Ayurvedic Clinics and Hospitals throughout Australia to bring the power of Ayurvedic healing to everyone.

What is Your Dosha

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The gentle nurturing and support from all the staff members was every thing I needed. A friend of my suggested I go to the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre for a Detox.  I was completely physically and emotionally depleted from massive stress levels I had been experiencing for many months. I had lost my appetite, was not able to Sleep for more than two hours at a time, I wasn’t thinking clearly, lost  an uncomfortable amount of weight , anxiety had moved in permanently , I was having erratic menstrual cycles and alcohol became my only relief . I was falling to pieces and needed assistance to gain some form of equilibrium . In absolute desperation I committed myself to the 7 day program with ongoing  supplements. After a consult with the Centre’s Doctor , he put me on a series of massages, steams , enemas and herbal supplements. The gentle nurturing and support from all the staff members was every thing I needed. The treatments were gentle, subtle but powerful. In this little sage-scented clinic  on a major intersection, there was such a scene of peace and care, it became my sanctuary and in such a short time I started feeling like I was in control again. I am planning to have two compulsory Detoxes a year, for change of season and ongoing  regular messages to keep the balance. I loved the experience, thank you Rita and Staff for helping me restore myself in those difficult times and for caring so much. Much Gratitude SC, Sydney
The therapists gave us excellent massages with lots of Herbal Oils that made us relax deeply, mentally and physically.  We felt very nourished. Amit Kurlekar, Accountant, Sydney We thoroughly enjoyed our first ever Panchakarma / Detox experience at the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre a couple of weeks ago. We needed some deep relaxation and to feel more “in our bodies”. We had looked at their website, but we didn’t know exactly what what to expect. Right from Day 1, we felt refreshed and started winding down. Even though the Detox  involved having enemas, it was a very comfortable, gentle process. The therapists gave us excellent massages with lots of Herbal Oils that made us relax deeply, mentally and physically.  We felt very nourished.  The experience continued with steam baths to aid elimination of toxins from the body. The icing on the cake was the warm and nourishing food from the team at the Centre after the Detox sessions. By the end of three days we felt profound peace and totally rejuvenated. It was like we had been on a long holiday. We felt much healthier physically and mentally and very nourished. The Enthusiasm of the Centre owners in sharing the gifts of ancient Ayurveda to promote wellbeing is reflected in the quality of their service.  We will definitely be back! Chartered Accountant, Sydney
I felt so joyful and completely relaxed and renewed at every level of my being. Thank you so much to you all for a most wonderful weekend. I felt truly cared for and spoilt in every way. The treatment was simply amazing, luxurious and at the same time gentle and yet deeply profound. Sitting in the wonderful meditation room after the treatment on Saturday afternoon, I felt so joyful and completely relaxed and renewed at every level of my being. The oil massage was delightful and created a wonderful sense of wellbeing. I didn’t want to leave on Sunday and can’t wait to come back again. Adrienn Gyenes
I had a therapeutic anti-stress treatment on Saturday morning, which I think was excellent. I am wondering, however, which is the composition of the oils you used. I was so relaxed a while after it that I was feeling even slow on my talking and needed to sleep for 4 hours during the day. I was able to have a profound sleep on Saturday night, despite sleeping 4 hours in the afternoon.Is that a normal effect? As a doctor I am, I am curious to know which oils do you use and if this is a normal “effect” people report. Dr Veronica Ortiz