An Ayurvedic facial will leave you feeling more relaxed, energised and balanced, as well as tightening the skin, removing toxins and impurities and generally improving your overall well-being. OmVeda Signature treatments are formulated to detox, nourish and rejuvenate face, body and hair at all levels providing a complete mind, body and spirit experience. Totally natural treatments combining specific herbal blends for every skin conditions.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenating OmVeda Facial, available at the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Bondi Junction, Sydney

Ayurvedic Rejuvenating OmVeda Facial, available at the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Bondi Junction, Sydney

Many of the treatments combine fresh raw ingredients like carrots, cucumber, potato, yoghurt, milk and honey to make fresh herbal pastes. The benefit of fresh ingredients combined with power of herbs rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals results in naturally giving the skin and hair  rejuvenation and marked improvement.

Timeless in its skin refining benefits, it is absolute in body therapy and combines an uplifting massage, ex-foliation and mask or wrap that helps the skin regain its vitality, stimulates circulation  improving the quality and texture of skin and the elimination of impurities. A spiritual and cultural symbol, the OmVeda concept of beauty and health surpasses all trends and is suitable for all ages.

OmVeda Royal Pearl Facial

The OmVeda Royal Pearl Facial is a double mask facial that also combines a skin rejuvenating massage using herbs and rare Pearl Ash and a final surrender to tranquillity with a soul soothing hand and foot massage and wrap.

Creating absolute luminosity, with an immediate effect in just one treatment, it cools and calms, acts on capillaries, revives tired, dull and dry skin, greatly increases radiance, lightening hyper-pigmented areas, refines skin texture and restores an even tone.

An excellent and rejuvenating experience, while helping to minimise expression lines, Pearl Ash is rich in calcium, valuable minerals and amino acids, to aid in strengthening the skin’s cell structure, speed up the skin’s metabolism, reducing redness, minimising pores and also helps to heal blemishes.

OmVeda Skin Rejuvenator

This treatment is beneficial for skin that suffers from pigmentation, scarring or dullness. The application of specially selected Ayurvedic herbs made into a fresh mask gently repairs damaged skin, and gives elasticity to the skin. Massage of hands and feet focusing on vital energy points called marmas helps to release stress. Your skin will emerge feeling very soft, smooth and nourished.

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