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Ayurveda Day spa Room at the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre

Ayurveda Day Spa Room at the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre

Relax at our soothing Day Spa Sydney!

Are you looking to pamper yourself or a friend with a luxurious massage treatment in a day spa? At the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Bondi Junction, Sydney, we provide a serene day spa environment to allow you to switch off from the outside world and relax with one of our treatment packages. We can help you re-align your body and mind into a healthier and happier you with one of our Ayurvedic consultations or treatments.


Would you like to experience 5000 years old tried and tested therapies including facials, full body and head massages and much more. Are you ready to pamper yourself with beauty therapies at a relaxing day spa in Sydney? We only use products that are 100% natural, increasing your inner vitality and afterglow. Guaranteed to restore, relax, nourish and combat stress symptoms.

Ayurveda Spa Sydney

Ayurvedic Treatments – Rejuvenating the body, soothing the mind, healing a myriad of ailments and nurturing the spirit, the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre provides solutions for our modern day lifestyle through a variety of Ayurvedic treatments.

Best Day Spa Packages in Sydney Includes:

Therapeutic Massage – At Ayurvedic Wellness Centre, we offer a range of authentic therapeutic massages. One of the questions we are often asked is, “what is the difference between a therapeutic massage, a remedial massage and a relaxation massage?”. Read more 

Remedial Massage at Bondi Junction – Remedial Massage is known for its ability to treat injuries of all kinds, sprains, joint pain and aids in the purpose of lymphatic drainage.

Ayurvedic Massage in Bondi Junction – Looking for a massage but want something a bit different? Why not try an Ayurvedic massage in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor, we offer the only truly authentic experience of Ayurvedic Massage Bondi Junction.

Abhyanga Full Body Massage in Bondi Junction Sydney – An Abhyanga treatment or a full body massage with warm herbal oils restores balance and completely relaxes the body. Nourishing and revitalising, Abhyanga pacifies the three doshas or bio-energies within the body.

Ayurvedic Couples Day Spa at Bondi Junction Sydney – Indulge in a rejuvenating romantic couples massages with your partner or customise couples massage with a friend, brother, sister or whoever you like! The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre’s authentic treatment range is perfect for any gift occasion, or to enjoy a blissfully relaxing massage with that special someone.

Deep Relaxation Package Sydney – Herbal massage with a bliss-inducing, stress-reducing the difference. The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre Deep Relaxation package combines two of the most popular treatments available at the centre;

Kizhi – A Kizhi or herbal pouch massage is the authentic Ayurvedic version of a pain relieving, remedial treatment. This is due to the specially formulated healing oil which is applied to the body using a muslin ‘pouch’ packed with herbs chosen for their rejuvenating, analgesic properties.

Build Vitality & Strength for Autumn – Be soothed, restored, and rejuvenated.  Rediscover just how good you can feel. In the Ayurvedic tradition, it is recognised that seasonal change can bring imbalances like stress, the accumulation of toxins, unexplained symptoms, aches, pains.

Shirodhara – Our Shirodhara treatment combines two of the most popular treatments available at the centre;

Udvartana Scrub – Lymphatic massage with a difference! This deeply invigorating, body-toning Udvartana weight loss massage treatment is The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre version of a cellulite busting, full body exfoliation.

Weight Loss – Obesity and its subsequent impact is one of the primary health epidemics facing us today. Ayurveda seeks to find and treat the root cause of weight gain to completely re-balance and restore healthy functioning to your body.

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