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What is Ayurvedic Massage?

Ayurvedic massage is an Indian massage therapy perfected over thousands of years and forms a key part of what is known as Ayurvedic therapy. It can be used as a part of a larger ayurvedic therapy program or simply as a deeply relaxing, intensely enjoyable full body massage. The Ayurvedic massage process often involves the use of herbal oils. The oils are used to nourish and soothe the skin – the body’s largest organ.

The key benefits of ayurvedic massage:

Ayurvedic massage has many proven therapeutic benefits, the key ones are
● Relieves aching joints and muscles by flushing toxins from the system
● Promotes healthier, softer supple skin
● Helps to strengthen and promote muscle tone
● Helps to invigorate the body
● Can reduce cellulite levels
● Promotes cell renewal
● Helps to oxygenate tissues and to produce antibodies
● Release muscle tension
● Helps to calm and relax the senses

Types of Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic treatment can involve different forms of massage that are suitable for specific ailments. The main types of ayurvedic massage are
Abhyanga involves the application of oils to the whole body in a deep massage. uses long smooth strokes, usually involving the full palm to stimulate circulation, reduce cellulite and promote relaxation and sleep. It is particularly beneficial for people suffering from stress, body stiffness or arthritis complaints. Abhyanga includes a foot and head
massage. A good Abhyanga massage will increase circulation, improve muscle tone, soothe the nerves, stimulate mental alertness, soften and smooth the skin as well as release toxins from the body.
Udvartana massage involves a mixture of several powders into a paste that is applied to the body. The paste is massaged in the opposite direction to hair growth. It improves skin complexion, removes cellulite and aids blood circulation.. This treatment is particularly useful for people looking to lose weight.
Pizhichil involves selecting oils suitable for the client’s specific condition, then heating the oil to a lukewarm temperature before soaking them in a palm-sized bundle of linen. The oil is then applied to the whole of the body. The treatment removes toxins and rejuvenates skin. It is particularly beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, sciatica and rheumatic diseases.
Kizhi is a popular remedial massage treatment that involves the application of small warmed pouches of herbs to the body. The herbs within the pouches are specially chosen for their rejuvenation and pain-relieving qualities. The process will help to open the pores of the skin and release toxins from the body. It is known to relieve stress and

Whatever your massage need is, there is ayurvedic therapy that will suit you. For more information, or to book one a massage treatment call us on 02 9389 2581 or book online.