Ayurvedic Principles with the Five Elements and The Five Senses

When the universal language is invited into our experience we witness the coexistence of nature and how the five elements “Pancha Bhuta” present within the bodies many bodies. Through the immersion of the five senses we enhance our ability to draw our awareness into the present moment,igniting a purification of channels ‘Nadis’, rewiring the currents of consciousness. Basking in the flavours of life that the natural world offers will support the system on a journey of healing and transformation. An infusion of earthly elixirs into an individuals regime act as a guide on the path of rejuvenation, re attuning the soul to its original essence free of imbalances. The Ayurvedic Principles are categorised into mind body constitutional energy types known as ‘Doshas’ which are based on physiological functionality and the pillar of journey into Ayurvedic medicine – “Vata, Pitta and Kapha”. When the “Doshas” are interwoven with the teachings of the elements and the senses we can bring to decipher the patterns, codes and story of the map through following ones internal compass.

Ayurvedic Doshas

Vata Energy is associated with motion and movement. The fluidity of creativity and vitality when in balance, when unbalanced it can be expressed as fear and anxiety. This will present within the blood, circulatory system, breath and the beating of our heart.

Pitta Energy is connected to our metabolic systems. In the expansive state perception is often experienced as contentment and intellect, on the contrary ulcers and anger may indicate issues in our ability to digest, absorb nutrients and regulate our temperature.

Kapha energy is measured by structure. We harness the qualities of love and forgiveness when this energy is functioning to its potential, however when in disharmony insecurity and envy can arise resulting in a weekend immune system and the inefficient distribution of water throughout the body causing a lack of hydration to the vital organs.

The Implementation of Five Elements in Ayurveda

The five elements are :

Ether ‘Akasha’ – All enclosing, Omnipresence (EAR)

Fire ‘Agni’ – Transformation and Metabolism (EYE)

Earth ‘Prithvi’ – Structure and Solidity (NOSE)

Water ‘Jala’ – Flow and Liquidity (TONGUE)

Air ‘Vatu’ – Movement and Nourishment (SKIN)

The Five Senses

To approach the functional principle of ‘Doshas’. To understand the function of each body tissue ‘Dhatu’. To explore and determine the root cause of the problem “Gurvadi Guna’ and what are the imbalances. To customise a treatment plan for the individual

  • Sound therapy – Frequency patterns emanating through rhythmic forces, the paradoxical nature of bio acoustics in our ecosystem and how we can learn from this method of communication in order to transmit a healing vibration through sound.
  • Healing Insights – A play of colour stimulating the perception, how do you resonate with the feelings of colour?
  • Aromatherapy – Directly links to our memory releasing neurotransmitters that enable the body to heal on a cellular level.
  • The Sense of Taste – Textures of flavour as a guide to supporting digestion and immunity increasing the bodies adaptogenic response through variety. Sweet, sour, salty, pungent, astringent and bitter.
  • Therapeutic Massage – The power of the skins receptors which open a portal to healing

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