Ayurveda vs Traditional Medicine

As you know, ayurveda is very old system of health science and it has been used about 5000 to 10000 years in India and Other Asian Countries. Ayurvedic treatment is equally successful in various diseases as modern science is. However, medicines in modern science are not completely safe and have many side effects. Is ayurveda safe? Not exactly, but it is safer than chemical medicines or allopathic medicines. Everything in the world has some adverse effects too. We can just compare which is safer and has less hazardous effects. Ayurveda and herbal medicines are safe at some extent, but some of medicines of these systems might have side effects too. Therefore, self-medication is always restricted in every healing system of the world.

Modern treatment of fever:

When you caught to fever and want instant relief from it, so you use medicines that have instant effects without knowing their after effects. Yes, it is true, modern medicines can have instant results, but can cause serious long-term side effects. Take an example of paracetamol or acetaminophen. It is used to lower the temperature of the body and very effective with instant results within a half hour, but it is very dangerous to health especially can cause liver damage. Paracetamol or acetaminophen is just temperature lowering medicine, you also need some another medicines as well to treat underlying cause that is mainly various infections. They further have very ill effects on your health. Nowadays, many antibiotics are becoming resistance due to overuse and wrong prescriptions in developing nations.

Ayurvedic treatment of fever:

Do ayurveda have any medicine to lower the temperature of the body? Yes, ayurveda has many medicines more than 500 in numbers that can be used to lower the fever. We will take an example of two medicines, one is maha sudarshan churn and another one is chirayta extract. These are commonly used in ayurveda. Allopathic medicines have adverse effects on the liver, but these ayurvedic medicines have corrective effects on the liver. These medicines improve the liver function test, enhance appetite, and increase proper assimilation of various substances. Therefore, these medicines are safer than paracetamol. Now question is that people are not taking these medicines due to bitter in taste. In current times, we have a solution for it, as these medicines are coming in tablet and capsules forms. You can take them. However, these are just antipyretic in nature and as you use antibiotics in modern medicines. We also need to treat people with other medicines to treat underlying cause of the fever. I have observed followings while practising ayurveda since 2 years. “Paracetamol take at least 15 to 30 minutes to lower the fever, whereas ayurvedic medicines take 30 to 2 hour to lower the temperature of the body in the fever.” “In modern science, treatment of fever may take 1 to 3 days for normal fevers. In ayurveda, fever can be managed within similar time format of 1 to 4 days.” Conclusion: 1. Fever medicines in ayurveda have very little or no side effects. 2. Ayurvedic medicines have equal efficacy, however, it may take more time as compared to modern science. 3. Ayurvedic medicines have no hazardous effects on the liver. In addition, these medicines correct the liver function. Now you can assume all are your myths. What will you choose next time, when you caught by fever. It will depend on you. What do you need if you want to choose ayurvedic treatment of fever? You need just good ayurvedic practitioner, who has well experience in acute diseases with ayurveda. Many of ayurvedic practitioners are not practising for acute cases and their interest is in chronic diseases.

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