Ayurveda Clinic at Bondi Junction Sydney

Ayurveda Clinic Sydney

Ayurveda focuses on the diagnosis and prognosis of disease through consultation with a holistic doctor.

Traditionally, no form of treatment could be undertaken without prior consultation with one of our holistic doctors, however, this is no longer the case.  Much like a Western medicine specialist doctor, this holistic doctor has attended medical school and gone on to specialise in the nuances of Ayurvedic medicine.  Consultations with a holistic Ayurvedic doctor involve a number of outlooks on wellness which may be unfamiliar to Western clients.  These ways of thinking must be understood before consulting with a doctor.  In a nutshell, where Western medicine targets the symptoms of a disease, Ayurveda concerns itself with its root cause.

Looking at the body holistically

While Western medicine prefers to focus on curing localised illnesses or injuries, Ayurvedic medicine looks at the body in a holistic manner.  This means that Ayurveda sees the key to health as being a state of balance within the client’s entire body, and an understanding of how best to mediate the effects of external factors on each individual’s body.  As your holistic doctor will tell you, Ayurvedic wellness goes beyond ensuring that the client is free of disease.

Body types

Ayurveda recognises that no two individual’s bodies are the same.  This is because each individual’s internal system is comprised of different levels of the three vital energies, known as the Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas.  Consultations begin as the doctor gauges the specifics of your body type and determine the most effective means for balancing that body type in the face of external factors.  This customised approach ensures that you have the best possible chance of returning to, or maintaining, good health.


After the doctor has determined and considered your body type holistically, they will determine the most effective course of action for ensuring you remain in or are able to return to, good health.  As our ayurvedic doctor in our ayurvedic clinic explains, “Ayurvedic doctors try to bring the body back to equilibrium using different treatments”.  This may involve herbal prescriptions, detox programs, lifestyle changes suggestions and/or massage treatments.

While understanding the concept of the holistic doctor may be challenging at first, especially because of the differences between Western and Ayurvedic medicine, it is essential in grasping the purpose of Ayurvedic practice.  With the guidance of your holistic doctor, the process of returning to good health is made simple.

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