A closer look into the Ayurvedic massage technique

Ayurvedic massage can be an independent form of therapy as well as part of a comprehensive Ayurvedic treatment. Typically, the protocol dictates correct dietetics, specially made herbal formulas and medicines, yoga and massage therapy along with proper life style management. You don’t need to be ill for an Ayurvedic massage.

Ayurveda offers a pathway to a better and more balanced life

Ayurveda offers a pathway to a better and more balanced life

If you are seeking a better pathway to a balanced body and mind it can be just as beneficial. The treatment is designed and further customised to suit individual health and other idiosyncrasies, and this is true of singular massage therapies as well. The specially concocted warm Dosha oil is administered through continuous strokes and related techniques like herbal scrubbing and washing and full-body steam application.

For a perfect massage combination that suits your body the Ayurvedic Dr or Consultant needs to know your doshas and full history and do a full consultation maximise the benefits of an Ayurvedic Massage.
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A closer look into the Ayurvedic massage technique

The specially prepared Dosha oil is warmed and then applied all on the body. The hot oil makes it easier for the body to absorb the herbs and the goodness of the oil itself so that the process of detoxification is achieved faster and better. The oil is transferred onto the body with the special striking and massaging techniques which generate additional heat and soften the muscles helping one relax.

The massage session typically lasts for an hour. It is conducted in a cool and dimly lit room so that clients can relax easily and give in to the exquisite feelings that the massage begins to induce. It is important that you rest and relax for at least two to three hours after the massage since the internal energies or Doshas need to settle down and balance in the system slowly. It is natural to feel tired and sleepy at this time so it’s better to give in to the impulses and rest instead to plunging into strenuous activities right away.

Key benefits of Ayurvedic massage

– The therapeutic massage relaxes and rejuvenates the muscle tissues

– It effectively increases metabolism

– Improves blood circulation and cardiac functions

– Improves and cleanses lymphatic functions

– Helps improve the immunity and leads to faster healing from injuries and recovery from illnesses

– Massage nourishes the skin and oxygenates the cells

– Relieves fatigue and stress, calms the mind

– Helps in faster removal of metabolic wastes

– Works like magic to relieve pain, general as well as from rheumatism and arthritis

– It helps alleviate the pain and discomfort felt after injuries and whiplash

– Lessens spasms and muscle cramps

The therapeutic powers of Ayurvedic massage works amazingly well for all kinds of traumatic injuries, as well as excruciatingly painful conditions like sciatica, neuralgia as well as restless leg syndrome.

Today more and more doctors and therapists are suggesting regular sessions of Ayurvedic massage to help clients recover from these conditions faster and better. The best thing about holistic therapies like massage is that there are no artificial elements involved in them, only natural ingredients and comprehensive techniques applied to transfer them to the body and help in healing.

Unlike other modern treatment methods there are no side effects involved in massage therapies. One can use them to complement existing treatment methods or simply stick to these holistic approaches to lead a healthier life for a longer time.

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